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In development, men’s work is not women’s work.

But this is the 21st century, so you can do both. What we once thought was gender is actually core polar essence and you bet your ass that it’s all yours to do.

But make no mistake, masculine work is still not feminine work.

In any given person, in any given experience, some percentage of each will express itself. It behooves you to strengthen all aspects. But unfortunately, the wires are getting crossed. Empathy is being mistaken for emulation. Respect is being confused with submission.

And you won’t pass through the other side of the journey you’re on with that sort of confusion.

Strange approximations of completion that feel like they might just work, sure. But inside you know the difference.
There’s a reason movies like Fight Club and the Matrix are considered still-popular classics. Commentaries on present day written nearly 20 years ago? Damn. The masculine is looking for it’s right of passage. It’s hunting down the ferocious clarity of it’s primal self. In this age, movies are the remnants of our mythology. The thin vestiges of our tribal truths once spoken around fires are now told over and over on the silver screen, twisted a bit for the sake of profit.

But every now and then one of them strikes a chord in the soul of humanity.

You want to do men’s work?
You want to feel your wild self awaken?
You want to know your deep truths?

Then stand up. Wake up. Step forward.

Stop playing games of approximation and sacrificing yourself on the altars of neutrality. Stop rolling over to let another day pass you by with all of those empty creature comforts.

If you came here to play small, don’t bother me with your stories. Don’t roll around in complacency and try to justify it. Just be there and let it be ok. Ironically you’d get closer to your full expression if you gave yourself permission to fuck around. Just do that, and make some progress on your “men’s work”.

But if you came to be full; to be strong and determined in the pursuit of better… If you came here to be and become a more profound version of yourself… Let’s talk.

Let’s walk and move through a reality worth living. Let’s see what you’re made of beneath the prim and proper. Let’s have that rewilding, full tilt.

And in that rewilding you return to society reborn, with the easeful stroll of a lion. Nothing flexed and fronting, yet nothing soft and passive. You return more yourself then you left.

Men’s work is masculine work. And this is the work of settling into your throne amongst thrones. No bravado, no ego, no bullying. No machismo, no grunting, no violence. Just raw, unadulterated connection to *your* source. This is where unconditional respect is generated. This is where resolute clarity is cultivated. This is where you become a creature in full alignment.

You missed your rite of passage. You’ve missed so much else already. How much more is your rewilding worth?

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