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Subjectivity: Assuming that the universe revolves around you as you yourself roll through space.

It’s an easy mistake to make.

Sensory input speaks volumes on the story in our minds about how the rest of the universe moves as we sit comfortably watching. But we’re not still creatures. The truth is harder to grasp:

We rock and roll like everything else. A dynamic dance between entities in motion; everything is active and interconnecting such that the notion of a subjective still point is a myth. A useful story we tell ourselves to simplify what we see in the hopes that we might grasp it.

And to grasp? To hold? To capture? As if the entire beautiful complexity could be contained?

Better yet to let go.

Let the mind relax around the notion of center and as our mental vision defocuses the truth becomes easier to feel.

We are all in this seemingly infinite duality together. No center and no edge. Just existence playing with itself. Everything orbiting around everything else.

Now that’s true love.

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