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Science has proven more magic to be REAL than in any other age. 
Nootropics are the new herbalism.
Binaural tones are the shaman’s rattle.
We’ve got instant communication,
Meditation is mainstream,
And it’s all REAL.


We never needed the proof in scientific terms,
Because we have it in bone and blood.
We have it in actual life.

Every day results occuring at the speed of light,
As fast as you’re willing to take them in and trust.

It goes like this:
Way out beyond the edge, something is waiting.
Always been there.
The Mystics hit the fringe. At the edge. Onward.
Their community back them up. 
Then the occult scientists get involved. Measured. 
This is mapping the edge.
Soon we see a bit of wider adoption. Expansion.
You’ll find the hipsters are in.

This is where it gets fun(ny). 
Because the scientists catch wind of it, from their safe place.
And they can’t stand a corner of the universe unexplained,
Not when there is risk of mystery and trust involved!

And from this place they measure and study,
They sort and define, even though it was there
Before the definition landed in the MIND of 
Someone who can’t conceive of a world 
Beyond their studied space of control.

And science decrees.
And now it’s real.
About time!
I was beginning
To think that all of 
These things I manifest
Are entirely imaginary, aye?


If the perspectives of the world were people in a room.
The mystic. The explorer. The scholar. The witch.
The hunter. The realist. The sinner. The saint.
Buddha. Jesus. Mohamed. Your mom.

The scientist is the last one in the room to “catch up”. 
And he declares with confidence that he has DISCOVERED
And he defines with authority the NAMES and FRAMES
And he tells all the others, “What you say is shit!
But this here is the REAL DEAL!”

This is where I roll my eyes.

“Yeah buddy. Keep fightin’ the good fight,
About a century too late, and with barely
Enough trust to leave it all un-watched
For approximately ten minute before
You run back over in a sweat
To make SURE
That it’s all where you left it.”

Don’t get me wrong.

I love it when science proves “real” what we already feel.
The intellectual side of me loves a good read and some numbers.

If anything I am part scientist. I want that data. 
I love that data.
And I will memorize it without memorizing it.

But I am also a Mystic. 
And an occult scientist when 
I’m not out there looking
For myself, first hand.

I dance with energy that science can’t touch.
I optimize my nootropics methodically.
I study what the scholars say.
I put in all into practice.

I am a Metaphyst.

And that majority of me knows,
Despite intellect being the loudest asshole in the room,
What’s been going on for a very. Long. Time.

If you’re a witch and you’re thinking, “Yeah! Fuck science!”
If you’re a scientist and you’re starting a counter thesis. 

This is not about picking sides. We’re in the same damn room.
And we can learn a thing or two from each other.
If you’d take the time to step up to
A little thing we will call

If you’re a mystic, 
But you can’t repeatably create the results you claim,
Then either it’s all in your head, or you’re not qualified
To perform that spell.

And if you’re a scientist, 
Demanding systematic repeatability or bust,
Then you’ve lost touch with everything that makes you human.

The percentage of scientists that have a religion is high.
The percentage that have a spiritual practice of some sort?
Much, much higher.

The number of mystics working day jobs in tech or business?
This is not a small number, trust me.

What sort of hypocrisy is that?
You can justify your view with scientific method or belief,
So your version is ok but fuck the rest?

Wake up.

That’s on the level of a Spanish speaker declaring 
Anything not explained in spanish as imaginary.

What are you, a12 year old?

And the witches and wizards,
Sorcerers and spell casters,
Initiates and mystics,

Swimming in failure, calling it divine timing, 
Getting nowhere in any of the ways they want,
But still standing there with the beads and crystals?

Get. Your. Shit. Together.

Calling self delusion your “Magic” is as effective as stories about Santa Clause.

PS, he might actually be real,
But he is sure-as-shit not climbing
Down your entitled ass’ chimney.

I’m tired of seeing influencers
Talk about the unexplainable 
With a glimmer in their eyes
Right before they turn around
And declare that the unproven
Is all fake.


And if I see another person
Swimming in a life they hate
Living a life that is soul crushing
Doing NOTHING but a bit
Of humming and hoping…

… I’m not going to do anything actually 
Because I’ve got better things to do.

So here we are.
Welcome to the new world. 
Where the scientists copy the mystics
And the mystics go to work for the scientists
While everyone pretend we’re on different sides
Of some ridiculous debate.

But science is following Mysticism into the darkness 
As we shed light on everything.

And that, my friends, is called a partnership. 
That, my friends, is called teamwork.

That my friends, is called Tribe.

There will be ones on the edge.
There will be some at the camp.
There will be inventors of tools.
There will be user of medicine.
There will be those that defend.
There will be a few that feed.

There will be all types. All parts. All roles. All ways. 
And a healthy tribe works together to create 
Something greater.
And a healthy member does not declare, 
from a place of fearful ego,
“Your way is wrong, this is the only way!”
But instead takes a breath when oddity challenges their world view,

And says,

“Tell me what you see, so that I might understand,
Show me what you know, so that I might feel,
Take me to your sacred spaces in the world
So that we can find the commonality
And rebuild this broken Tribe.”

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