Now. A Statement of Intent and Priorities.


I’m currently Nomadic. I do the Nomad thing. 

It’s fairly straight forward. 2-3 months at a time in europe, or 1-2 months in new places I’ve never been. Between those trips, I spend 2-3 months in the US, working on MetaRelics, with private clients, and planning how I’ll take over the world.

Most of my time is focused on travel, Guiding my clients, and creating MetaRelics.

I have a few specific goals, which we’ll throw up for the sake of accountability.

  • Yoga, yoga, yoga, every morning.
  • no beef, less meat.
  • More water. So much more.
  • More cardio, because gains.
  • Networking
    • metaphysics
    • tech developement

That about covers it. Updated this little devil on March12, 2017. 


-Cedric Winter Wolf Clitheroe