Now. A Statement of Intent and Priorities.

Currently, I am Nomadic. I do the Nomad thing.

I have 0.85 tiny houses, which is to say I haven’t fully completed it (it being the 3rd I’ve made), and it’s for sale!

I am focusing most of my professional efforts on my work as a Soultracker Personal Coach. Working with amazing professional to achieve more than cash and success. This is my passion and my drive lately, and I am very excited to see it grow.

I am also a Professional Jeweler, and despite having been professionally so for over 6 years, I am setting that one into the when-I-feel-like-it bucket. I still make jewelry when it feels good, but I no longer take custom order requests.

Right now I work a lot as a Freelance Writer. Check out my professional site for info!

Other things I’m doing fit better in a list.

  • yoga every morning, short and sweet
  • less meat (eating it when there’s a purpose, not just because I can)
  • more water
  • a bit of jogging
  • manifesting
  • talking philosophy
  • networking
  • Working on my Intentional community concept and how it relies on REAL Tribe.
  • Visiting intentional communities around the world
  • Supporting Tamera in small and big ways (
  • Duck hunting

That’s the way things are for me right now.

I am excited to be given other opportunities so please get in touch!

..but chances are I’ll be sticking to these for now. Fully Switched into a paradigm centered on abundance, prosperity, growth, and tribe has been a lot of really fun and challenging work.

Don’t take any of this as a suggestion that you shouldn’t say hello and email me.

That about covers it. I’ve updated this page 26 April 2016, and I will update it if my priorities change!


-Cedric The Winter Wolf