I am not like the others.

I am many things. I am no thing.

I work with esoteric and philosophical concepts to anchor them into reality,
so that you can take them for your own, connect to your Soul, and create the life you want.

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Soultracker Self Alchemy Training

Foundation is fundamental.

At the core of all you do are 5 principles.
Awareness. Purpose. Strategy. Intuition. Action.

Ignore them at your own risk.
Enhance them to elevate yourself,
and create your own freedom.

This Method will swiftly remove your frustration.
It will organize and optimize your inner strengths.
And it will support you going forward, every single day.

As a Soultracker trainee, you’ll have a Soultracker Outpost Membership for 1 month. Community, strategy guides, upgrades.

$447 for unlimited access to S.T.M. Self Alchemy

Begin Your Soultracker Self-Alchemy Training

MetaRelics and Totems

I’ve fine tuned these objects to serve you.
Optimize your energy.
Hold a powerful concept.
Let others know what you stand for.

Totems starting at $500
Relics starting at $1500

Click below to see currently available Totems, or start your Relic with a non-refundable deposit*.

Custom Relic

*In the case that we decide not to continue with a Custom Relic, this deposit will apply to your next jewelry purchase.

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Soultracker Outpost Membership

The Outpost is where the action takers go.
Consider it like on-demand consulting.
You’ve got me on retainer for where you’re at NOW.

Rapid-iteration Gems so that you don’t have to sit through a two hour webinar to get what you actually need.

You’re a good fit if you want to apply the concepts and get things done.
You aren’t a good fit if you want someone else to do it for you.

Stuck on a concept from the Soultracker Circle?
Optimizing your foundation and need some new tools?
Want feedback on a new direction with a client?
Problem solving a trip through SouthEast Asia?
Meditation not quite working and aren’t sure why?

I’m in the Outpost to save you the frustration,
Along with a community of others taking action.

$102 per month, no obligation to continue

Primary Topic of Interest

On Demand Guide Session

Sometimes all it takes is one conversation, direct feedback, and actionable advice.

Everything goes here, from self confidence and relationships to travel plans and nomadic strategies.
There’s no reason to struggle alone, or wait months for long term coaching to make an impact.

Get it sorted now.

Includes before-questions and follow up summary.

$487 per session, 1 or 2 individuals
$407 per session for Outpost Members

Intensive 1on1 Guide Work

I’m here to be your Guide.
I’m here to be your Catalyst.
I’m here to save you the hustle,
and obliterate the grind.

I am not here to hold your hand,
I am not a place for you to vent,
I am not your caretaker,
Or Decision maker.

I will hold you to your word.

This is Intensive, Exclusive 1-on-1 support. This is leveling up. This is all-in.
This is your big shift.
A new direction. Epic change. No bullshit.

$4802 2-Day In Person Intensive
(Includes $800 off your first Relic)

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WHY do I do this?

This is a Universe of infinite potential. We create our realities. I want you to create yours.

Our natural state is Joy. 
Simplicity is power.

It’s time to reconnect your Self to your True Self.


  • Executive Assistant Administration
  • Self Realization and Optimization
  • Philosophy and Concept
  • Intentional Community Design
  • Nomadic Lifestyle Design
  • Networking and Affiliations
  • Travel and Trip Logistics
  • Self Written Mythology
  • Event Logistics and Planning

Areas of Expertise

  • Simple systems and tools
  • Nomadic Strategies
  • Digital Nomad Tools
  • Travel Hacks and Budgeting
  • Intentional Community Planning, Networking, and Management
  • Alternative and Sustainable Construction methods and trends
  • House design, planning, and blueprints
  • Wilderness camping and navigation
  • Experience-based growth events