I am not like the others.

I am many things. I am no thing.

I work with esoteric and philosophical concepts to anchor them into reality,
so that you can take them for your own, connect to your Soul, and create the life you want.

Soultracker Outpost Membership

Where the action takers go.

Membership grants you access to all current and past Trainings,
Including 20 (and counting) micro-trainings that you can apply NOW!

Many of these would normally be an investment over $550 on their own.
But the world is rapidly evolving. And so should your strategies.

As an Outpost member, you’ll have a community of action takers,
including myself, to keep you on the leading edge of your own expansion.

$317 per month, no long term obligation

Primary Topic of Interest

MetaRelics and Totems

I’ve fine tuned these objects to serve you.
Optimize your energy.
Hold a powerful concept.
Let others know what you stand for.

Consider them your little helpers,
Or your talismans of declaration:
Self Aligned with True Self.

Totems starting at $500
Relics starting at $1600

Click below to see currently available Totems, or start your Relic with a non-refundable deposit*.

Custom Relic

*In the case that we decide not to continue with a Custom Relic, this deposit will apply to your next jewelry purchase.

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  • Metaphysics and Esoterics
  • Totemic Alchemy Anchoring
  • Energetic Space Clearing and Holding
  • Self Realization and Optimization
  • Philosophy and Concept
  • Nomadic Lifestyle Design
  • Self Written Mythology
  • Woowoo and Wizardry

Areas of Expertise

  • Sovereignty Establishment
  • 7 Flags Theory
  • Nomadic Lifestyle, Strategies, and Tools
  • Travel Hacks
  • Logistics (events, projects, self)
  • Intentional Community Planning, Networking, and Management
  • Wilderness immersion
  • Experience-based growth events

Looking for Private Work or Executive Assistance in any of my expertise?

15 + 5 =

WHY do I do this?

This is a Universe of infinite potential. We create our realities. I want you to create yours.

Our natural state is Joy. 
Simplicity is power.

It’s time to reconnect your Self to your True Self.