Self Aligned with True Self.

Awareness . Purpose . Strategy . Intuition . Action

Mental . Emotional . Purpose. Physical. Social. Time . Location . Financial.

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[Totemic Talisman] Work

~High end Custom Totemic Kits~

I make things with my hands and some clever tools that combine a great deal of passionate obsession with craft, creation, esoteric ideas, and deep wisdom. I put that which cannot be held easily into jewelry that represents you.

I do it because I can, and also because I have an obsession with exploring the nature of this reality and when an object with a powerful focus motivates a person to become something more, and exactly what they were meant to be, it’s a powerful thing to witness.
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{A La Carte} Sessions

Personal Sovereignty From the Bottom Up

This is the compact  dose of high potency time. It might be strategic action planning for a project, big change, or hard problem. It might be intuition work so you can tune into yourself. It might be improving your 8 freedoms. It might look like coaching, it might look like consulting, it might look like two friends sitting and having coffee.

Project, relationship, self growth, international trip, difficult time, challenging experience, or high end brainstorming are some of the ways people have used this service.

These can be scheduled one day after the other*, or spread out over time for the slow-sizzle effect. Once you have your sessions, you’ll schedule at your whim, when you need it.

*As schedule permits, no closer than one calendar day apart.

$202 (per session)

(Discount applies for multiple sessions, see below)

(remote video chat or phone)

Bundle Bonuses
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