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Soultracker Method Training

Foundation is fundamental.

At the core of all you do are 5 principles.

Start optimizing them now with the Soultracker Method Training.

Plus, you’ll have access to the Soultracker Outpost group for one month!

Community, strategy guides, upgrades.

$222 for unlimited access to STM Training

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MetaRelics and Totems

You’re looking for a powerful object to assist you in your journey. Whether it’s fine tuned to your energy, or holding the essence of a powerful concept, it’s time to get the tools you need for the upgrades you are creating.

Totems starting at $500
Relics starting at $1600

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A La Carte Guide Work

Sometimes all it takes is one conversation, direct feedback, and actionable advice.

Everything goes here, from self confidence and relationships to travel plans and nomadic strategies. There’s no reason to struggle alone, or wait months for long term coaching to make an impact. Get it sorted now.

$220 per 90 minute session
$180 per, if in Soultracker Outpost

Includes follow up summary

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Intensive Guide Work

Are you ready to dive in 100%?

Get 1 on 1 support in exactly what you’re challenged with or working on. No more self-led studies or books. You want someone on your side for a big shift. A new direction. Epic change.

$2222 1Day or Remote Intensive
$3800 Including Custom Relic

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