I’m Cedric Clitheroe.

Yup, that’s me.

It’s actually pronounced “Kedrik”, but that’s an entirely different discussion about linguistics. We aren’t really here for that. You’re here to find out who I am.

You’re probably here because you saw that I do things a little diferently, like traveling the world as a nomad, wandering the wilderness in weird clothes, hiding nothing, and you’re curious.

Well good, curiosity is the first step!

You might even be here because you want expert support from someone who isn’t cookie cutter. Well you’re in luck. I don’t know how to be anyone other than myself.

I’m a viking raider, deep space explorer, and metaphysical monk; all rolled into this quirky human before you.

There’s a lot to get in this life! I’m not even close to done, and I’ve got challenges, too! But as an explorer of the edges, it’s my pleasure to Guide you on your path.


We landed in this theme park called The Human Condition, and there’s no sense in letting it go to waste, right? Ride the rides, walk the paths, eat that two year old churro. Why not!?

I’ve been a rebel and an odd-ball my whole life.

First in subtle ways, then in more grandiose ones.

Wilderness Ranger, Medieval Combat Fighter, Alan Watts super fan.

I even email all of Shia Labeouf’s agents to try and get a lunch meet with the guy on a semi-regular basis. Classy. In 2012, I really threw caution to the wind. 6 months backpacking solo around Europe.

It was a challenge to myself, but also an act of being the real Cedric. I was on my own path before that, sure, but I fully owned it when I booked that flight for $30 (yes thirty).

Now I’m completely location independent, financially self reliant, AND have a network of amazing individuals around the world that I love.


But I haven’t always been this man….


I used to live a life filled with beliefs and paradigms that controlled me. Even while I was wandering the wilderness, standing out in the snow in pitch black night just to see what the animals see and challenge the wild ones at their own games, a voice in the back of my head kept telling me that I had to live a life and work a job that fit in enough.

That singular word is so unholy.

Who decides what is enough? I invested thousands of hours in self sufficiency and survivalism. Explored the un-touched dirt of hidden meadows. And… I was drowning in a scarcity mindset. It was suffocating. I felt so frustrated at times.


I also felt safe.


How crazy is that? 35 kilometers from the road, alone in the woods listening to coyotes howl by the dozens, cloaked in my close minded assumptions about scarcity and prosperity. Traveling on a dime in foreign countries because I was convinced I didn’t want money. And I felt safe because I was still doing some things “the right way” like the people around me.

Just enough.

But safety is where growth goes to die.


It took a bit of work, and a healthy dose of challenging experiences, big investments, and shocking epiphanies.

I could have gone back to that safe place I once knew. It’s nice out there. But I’m more than a wilderness ranger.

I refuse, at every turn, to give up and go back. The challenges build me up every time I choose to lean into my edge. And I still get to play in the woods.


So who am I now?

I’m a wilderness explorer, world traveler, and professional Soultracker. I’m a Guide, Guardian, brother, son, and friend. I’m a lover, a fighter, and the calmest guy in the room when shit hits the fan.

I swear, I drink water (and beer), and sleep a bit.

I’m unapologetic, wild, and free.

I’m a mystic, a metaphyst, an alchemist, an artificer, and simply human.

I’ll create the energy and hold the space you need to make the greatest changes you’ve ever made. And when we’re done saving the world, I’ll have a drink with you in the cobble-stone streets of whatever beautiful city is closest.

I’m Cedric.

I can’t be any more or less than that, so I’ll be making the best of it.

Are you ready to do the same?

One of those Regular Bios… Sort of.

Cedric Clitheroe makes his way through the world one step at a time. He serves the ones that want to make a difference and better themselves with every breath. 

He pulls together a diverse set of offerings into a unique but focused platform driven by three principles: Exploration, Growth, and Service. Cedric has a Bachelor’s In Fine Arts, a Mentorship in Coaching, and a long list of apprenticeships, self-taught skills, and worldly experiences. These fuel a passion for the human condition and empowers his mission to make the world a better place.

You can find him traveling the globe, exploring the wilderness, and spending time with other amazing humans.

He’s an old-world archetype, living in a modern human body. In his time here he’s been a horseback archer, a medieval jousting contestant, hunted wild animals for food, and ran from the cops at festivals in Spain. Don’t tell his mom the last part. In another life he would have been a wilderness ranger, deep space scout, or apocalypse wasteland wanderer. He loves the power of mythology, stories, and words in creating an epic life. You can expect him to bring courageous honesty, creative problem solving, and old-soul clarity.