Welcome to my virtual Cabin. I’m Cedric Clitheroe.

Say “Kedrik”.

Yup, that’s me.

I won’t do you the disservice of talking about myself for ages. You’ll figure that out as you explore. But for the sake of a few sign-posts to point the way…

I’m a Metaphyst. An Alchemist. An Explorer.
I’m a consultant. A traveler.
I’m a Monk. A Guide. A Shaman.
I’m an Influencer, and a Soultracker.
I’m a Human Being.

I am the Universe, Being right here.

I’ve been places, seen things, and made mistakes. But I optimize my human experience. I adapt, flow, and evolve. And the result?

I’ve developed some expertise in a number of areas. I don’t have all the answers, but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

I’m nomadic, but I home base in Oregon, USA. This is where I host my exclusive clients for 1-on-1s intensives and retreats. This is where I make the Totemic Jewelry you’ll see here.

There are message forms scattered around the site.

That’s the best way to get in touch.

If you’re looking for my services, you’ll find an Invitations Page on the menu.
If you’re looking for Totemic Jewelry, by my design or customized to your energy, you’ll find that on the Jewelry Page.

WHY do I do this?

This is a Universe of infinite potential. We create our realities. I want you to create yours.

Our natural state is Joy. 
Simplicity is power.

I’m a wilderness Ranger and ancient wisdom purveyor.

I spend my time with some of the most interesting and powerful humans alive.

I work with clients that inspire me and Guide folks that are invested in their growth. I’m completely location independent and financially self reliant.

If you’re looking for someone timid, I’m not the one.
If you want an easy out or someone to do your growth for you, it won’t work.
You might want to play it safe,

But safety is where innovation goes to die.

If you’re ready to innovate your self, your feelings, and your soul, let’s get to it,
but self deception isn’t going to get you anywhere. And the world is turning every day.

We’ll travel the world subverting the broken systems with new ways,
Create new realities, amazing relationships, and exciting projects.
Connect to passionate partners and amazing clients.

It’s time to align Self with True Self.

Are you ready?

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One of those Regular Bios… Sort of.

Cedric Clitheroe makes his way through the world one step at a time. He serves the ones that want to make a difference and better themselves with every breath. 

He pulls together a diverse set of offerings into a unique but focused platform driven by three principles: Exploration, Growth, and Service. Cedric has a Bachelor’s In Fine Arts, a Mentorship in Coaching, and a long list of apprenticeships, self-taught skills, and world experiences. These fuel a passion for the human condition and empowers his mission to make the world a better place.

You can find him traveling the globe, exploring the wilderness, and spending time with other amazing humans.

He’s an old-world archetype, living in a modern human body. In his time here he’s been a horseback archer, a medieval jousting contestant, hunted wild animals for food, and ran from the cops at festivals in Spain. Don’t tell his mom the last part. In another life he would have been a wilderness ranger, deep space scout, or apocalypse wasteland wanderer. He loves the power of mythology, stories, and words in creating the exact life we desire. You can expect him to bring courageous honesty, creative problem solving, and old-soul clarity.


  • Metaphysics and Esoterics
  • Totemic Alchemy Anchoring
  • Energetic Space Clearing and Holding
  • Self Realization and Optimization
  • Philosophy and Concept
  • Nomadic Lifestyle Design
  • Self Written Mythology
  • Woowoo and Wizardry

Areas of Expertise

  • Sovereignty Establishment
  • 7 Flags Theory
  • Nomadic Lifestyle, Strategies, and Tools
  • Travel Hacks
  • Logistics (events, projects, self)
  • Intentional Community Planning, Networking, and Management
  • Wilderness immersion
  • Experience-based growth events