Serving the World-Changers and Move-Makers that Want the Confidence to Live their own Unique Life, No Compromises

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Take ownership of this unique life you’ve been given?
All Of It.

Join me here and own your reality just like I do: traveling the world as a Digital Nomad. Only instead of doing it my way, you create the unique and Inspiring life for you. I’m here to serve in 3 KEY AREAS that will empower you to connect with the world on your terms.

Who Am I To Offer Such Things?

I’m doing it right now. Not yesterday or some time later. I travel the world as a Digital Nomad because it’s the life I choose. And you will have your own unique life when you trust yourself and get to work.

Why trust? Because you can’t get anywhere by swimming up stream. It’s all about flow, and that’s what I want to give you. But listen, I’m not a guru. I’ve just been in this human experience, focused on growth, and learning the lessons. And I can make your creation process simple and exciting. You’ve got to trust me to deliver, but most importantly you have to trust yourself.

What work? All the epic shit you’re going to do to take every corner of your life into your own hands. Self Awareness, emotional mastery, solid communication. Everything in between. It’s yours, I promise. Then the work becomes play while living your life becomes the greatest adventure you’ll ever have.

I’m a man inspired by the wilderness, informed by the people I meet, and astounded by the amazing human experience that we’re all having! I’m tracking down Self Awareness, Freedom, and Growth. And I’ll continue to create the life I want from start to process.



I’m excited to help you make it happen one piece at a time, while sharing my own adventure in this crazy world of ours.

I appreciate that, after 10 years of not seeing you, that you are just as you and just as amazing as I remember. I appreciate that you spent the time to help me set up my business for no reason other than the kindness of your heart. I appreciate your humor and your generosity. I appreciate you and everything you are, so so much.

Sabrina LaGood-Robinson

Owner, Café Ponté

So what are the 3 KEY WAYS I serve the World-Changers and Move-Makers so they can plan and create their own Unique Life?

The first is  developing self awareness, inner confidence, and a clear vision of the life you want. We are going to create adaptive flow, motivation, and excitement about this adventure of life. This is where I serve as your Guide to help you build the foundation within and support the actions you take. We’ll optimize systems, create powerful tools, and connect you with the resources you need.

The second is bringing ease and flow into your projects from start to success. We’re talking about planning and directing your projects so that you can focus on giving your gifts while I focus on the nitty gritty. This is where I act as your Logistics Coordinator to develop your project or event, and keep it running smooth while you’re busy kicking ass.

The third is telling your unique story to the world. Nobody loves a story they haven’t heard, and your story is important. This is where I’ll be your Content and CopywriterWe’ll explore what you’re dreaming of creating. Then I’ll lay down the site content, social medial posts, and key phrases that tell your story so that you can offer your gifts to the rest of the world.


Foundation. Action. Words.

Sound’s simple right? That’s because it is! This life we’re living is just one step at a time. It’s a simple process of taking the next step.

Check out the three Key Areas below and see how I can support you. If you like what you hear already, I’ve got a little hello form below that will get us in touch so we can have a conversation.

The Door of Exploration

  • Explore your inner Self
  • Develop awareness of your Truths
  • Connect with your deep Purpose
Let's Dig In

The Door of Action

  • Design a plan that works
  • Create real action strategies
  • Get live event admin. support
Let's Make Moves

The Door of Writing

  • Branded content
  • Unique sales pages
  • Creative story strategies
Let Me Handle It

Not sure, or want all three? Let’s have a conversation.

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Your independence. I’ve never known you to do or say anything you did not genuinely feel or believe. You’ve always inspired me with your ability to follow your own path, even when you had no idea where the road was taking you; be it your career, your spirituality, your family, etc etc. Sandra Johnson

Director of Communications, Ytivarg, LLC

I appreciate your passion for grabbing the world by the balls and making it your bitch in all the right ways. Ways that fulfill you. Ways that better yourself and the world around you.


Civil engineer, Bonner County Road & Bridge Dept.