Complete Optimization comes from integrating all parts of your life.

Shall we start with one element, or get everything into alignment?

The choice is yours.

Awareness . Purpose . Strategy . Intuition . Action

Mental . Emotional . Purpose . Money . Time . Location . Relationships.

Feeling the pull to get started?

This is a menu of the ways you can work with me.

Make your choice, then we’ll dive in.

Are you ready?

[The Soultracker Circle Community]
This is the Meta Path to Own Your Reality

The Soultracker Circle is the “town center” for all things Cedric. It includes a 7-Day Challenge training to kickstart your journey, and a number of powerful concept posts and videos for you to utilize.

Join other people like yourself that want to optimize their power and balance.

Strategy + Flow.
Systems + Intuition.
Methods + Magic.

Get a taste for the blueprint to true sovereignty.

Free Access

(Includes: Community, Concepts and Philosophies, 7-Day Challenge Kickstart, and more.)

Join the group by clicking here and requesting membership.

(The Soultracker Outpost Membership)

This is your all access pass to the place where Action Takers go to upgrade.

You know that it’s just not worth the pain of running around blind. You’ve got a feel for the direction but want the tactics. You simply aren’t interested in guessing.

Or maybe you see me and you are thinking, “How in the hell did you pull that off?!”

This is how.

These trainings will get you sorted. Distilled from countless hours of real life, high end training, and an obsession with making things simple. 

Once inside, you’ll also get pile of strategic tips as well.

This is the blueprint for how a successful sovereign being lives. 

If you want the nitty gritty details,
click here for Outpost Membership Info.

$497, lifetime access (per person)

(Includes: 7Freedoms, Soultracker Method, and Money Paradigm Shift, all current micro-tactics videos, live AMAs, and direct feedback)

Your Primary Object?

{A La Carte} Sessions

There’s a funny idea going around that personal growth ONLY comes in 10k packages. There’s no doubt that any 10k package provider worth their salt is going to make it exponentially well worth yours. I know I’ve had some EPIC returns on my high end investments. AND… sometimes you just need a tune up. A tactical chat with a Guide. A little clarity in the soup of your soul to point you in your right direction.

These can be scheduled one day after the other*, or spread out over time for the slow-sizzle effect. Once you have your sessions, you’ll schedule at your whim, when you need it.

*As schedule permits, no closer than one calendar day apart.

$397 (per session)

(Discount applies for multiple sessions, see below)

(remote video chat or phone)

Bundle Bonuses
Primary Topic of Interest
Your Time Zone

[ONE Day] & [TWO Day]
1 on 1 Expansion Experience

This work is about becoming the YOU that is waiting, because there’s nothing to wait for. This is you stepping fully into your power to create your reality.

You are joining me one on one to connect with complete access to your power through the union of Deep Energetic Mastery and Simple Effective Strategies.

Your Energy, your Path, clear thought and flowing intuitive action… behind your greatest questions and amazing vision is our mission.

This is full immersion.
This is you without restriction.
This is your new normal.

All inclusive. Simply show up and step into your true self.

Note: As these are very intense, close proximity work, you’ll start by registering for a session. If this is a good fit, your session payment will apply directly.

NOTE: This is the FULLY Integrated System, which includes a Custom PRIME Totem to be completed before or after your 1on1.

$7,000 [ONE Day]
$11,000 [TWO Day]

Includes Custom PRIME Totem
(In Bend Oregon, USA)

Schedule a call by clicking here to see if this is a good fit!

~Totemic Relics~

Custom Meta Jewelry

Abstract concepts brought into physical reality.

Your iconic power, anchored into your life.

Drawing from cultures and techniques ranging from Central Asian Taoism to Northern European Norse. Occult spell craft and Roman mythology.

The result: customized energy work in a unique object that both represents YOU and contains the energy you want in your life.

Either start your custom work here or click below for more information and photos…

Customized Totemic Jewelry

New Relic Request

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